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Our feet are a map of the body with all the parts of the body, including the organs, the glands, and the muscles represented.  Reflexology is an incredible stress reliever while also balancing the body.  Feeling out of whack.  Reflexology may provide the road to wellness leaving you feeling 10, 20 or even 50 years younger.

Working primarily on the feet, pressure is applied to reflexes that correspond to all parts of the body.  Stimulation of these reflexes can help restore the body’s physiological function, reduce tension, and assist in bringing the body back to balance.  Increased circulation brings oxygen to the cellular level and prompts the body’s natural ability to rebalance, rebuild, regenerate and repair itself.

Reflexology balances the body as a whole and benefits most "dis-ease" conditions.  Reflexology  can be agreat addition before or after sugery promoting circulation and bringing much needed oxygen to the cellular level where healing begins.   Most clients find reflexology a relaxing, pleasurable and invigorating experience.  Call now to set up a free personal consultation to find out what this amazing modality can do for you.

Choose from Traditional Reflexology

or Deluxe Reflexology

(Deluxe reflexology includes hot stones to soothe the body as well as toe stones to bring some heat to the feet!

Reflexology can be claimed on some extended health plans! 

Add a far infrared sauna to your reflexology session to enhance benefits.

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