The Massage Experience

It’s All About You – 40 / 60 / 90 minute sessions 

This massage is designed for bringing balance to mind, body and spirit.  From the opening affirmation to the ritual grounding foot wash and everything in between, this gently flowing massage will leave you feeling relaxed, connected and balanced.  Incorporating many types of massage, this flow has been an ever changing, adapting and growing piece of work created directly from the universe into my heart.

A far infrared sauna will increase the benefits of your massage. +$22.




    The Basics

This 1.5 hour session incorporates a full body massage with a full reflexology session. Intermixed with the  basics are affirmations, hot aromatherapy oil, crystal energy,  smudging and more. 

Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa's 2nd most popular session (following only the Pure Indulgence) for good reason - An absolutely incredible offering and truly a Mind – Body – Spirit balancing purely indulgent session!


Pure Indulgence 

1.75 hrs of luxury,  the Hot Jade Pure Indulgence incorporates the Fire and Ice Massage with a full reflexology session. Intermixed in this session are affirmations, warm aromatherapy oil, crystal energy, hot jade stones,  smudging and more. 

Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa's most popular session for good reason - An absolutely incredible offering and truly a Mind – Body – Spirit balancing purely indulgent session!


You will not be disappointed whether you choose the Pure Indulgence session or 

the Basics.

Add a Far Infrared sauna to either of these sessions for an extra boost of detoxification.  Only + $22.  


Both will soothe muscle tension, ease stress, calm the mind and will definitely have you experiencing balance of the Mind - Body & Soul!

Jade Fire & Ice or Sacred Stone Massage 


This powerful variation of Hot Stone Massage brings deep relaxation, produces vitality, release toxins and reduces inflammation.   Utilizing the calming effects of jade and marble, this fire and ice session heats and cools the muscles, and radiates calmness from the heart, easing every bit of tension in the body.

Sacred Stone Massage incorporates both the benefits of Jade and Basalt stones.   Basalt is created in the fires of the earth.  It is powerful and grounding energy strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.  It brings us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. Sacred stone massage is done with hot stones only.



Calm Your Mind : Soothe Your Body : Inspire Your Soul

Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa

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