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Fire & Ice or Sacred Stone Massage 


Hot Jade Stone Massage is a stone of luck and protection.  It resonates with the heart chakra and brings deep relaxation, renewed vitality, release of toxins and reduction in inflammation. 

All stones have their own high vibrational energy, connecting us to Mother Earth and Father Sky and the five elements Earth, Fire, Air,  Water & Wood. The 5 elements are provided by the Earth and represent the blocks of life for all living things. The stones provide grounding and chakra balancing which allows the Mind – Body – Soul connection that is at the base of all healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Jade Fire & Ice Massage provides relief to stiff and sore muscles, slows the aging process and boosts the immune system.  One stroke with a heated jade stone is the equivalent of 7 strokes with a hand and when combined with cold stones is 80 X more powerful. It flushes internal organs and stimulates circulation helping eliminate toxins from the body.  The cool marble stones incorporated into this massage separate the Jade Fire & Ice Massage from other stone massages.   Alternating heat and cold bring the benefits of deep tissue massage without the pain!  

Jade is the stone of protection, luck, health; wealth and longevity.  It resonates with the heart chakra bringing an incredible feeling of calmness and comfort to this very special massage.  Marble is a nurturing and protective stone.  It can be very grounding, enhancing patience, practicality, clarity and focus. The jade and marble enhance each other beautifully making this a very special massage. 


Sacred Stone Massage incorporates both the benefits of Jade and Basalt stones.   Basalt or lava stone is created in the fires of the earth.  It is calming and grounding and strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth.  It brings us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. 

This sacred stone massage incorporates more hands on massage than the Jade Fire & Ice massage utilizing the hot stones to allow deeper access into the muscles.

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