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Dubbed “Massage Artist” by my clients makes me very proud.  I am always honored when clients, new and returning,  allow me to share my magic with them. 


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Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa

Seeking Wellness - Seek Holistic

Calm Your Mind : Soothe Your Body : Inspire Your Soul

with Leann at Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa

Step into a world of total tranquility away from the stresses of everyday life with Balance Bodyworx Natural Spa where I utilize modern and ancient techniques to help improve your overall healthMind Body & Soul!


Self-care is not only a matter of good health;

it is a measure of spiritual evolution.

Using natural approaches in all treatments, 

  Balance BodyWorX Natural Spa aims to inspire 

& support you in your own self care regime.




By appointment or by chance - you choose but it is always better

to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 



Leann - Owner / Artist

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